Templates Overview

There are two ways to set up a survey in Suzy. You can either create a fully custom survey using the Create Action menu, or you can leverage one of our pre-built templates using the Templates button on the left-hand nav bar. 


How to Use Templates

There are two types of templates: benchmarking templates or flexible templates. Benchmarking templates cannot be edited and are meant to be used for consistency and tracking. Flexible templates can be edited in any way. 

Our pre-built surveys current include:

  • Claims Testing
  • Copy Testing
  • Flavor Testing
  • Concept Testing
  • Package Design Testing
  • Pricing Testing
  • Advertisement Testing
  • Idea Screen Testing
  • Path to purchase
  • Attitudes and Usage (Consumer Goods)
  • Attitudes and Usage (Food & Beverage)
  • Product Name Testing (with and without mockups)
  • Brand Tracking (at request - reach out to your CSM for more details)

After selecting the appropriate template you will be prompted to add in descriptors that will replace current placeholders within the question text. Once your placeholders have been updated, select preview to see how the question texts have adjusted. 




After you are comfortable with your placeholders, select Use this Template to head to the survey draft and edit the survey title, description, targeting, and concepts as normal. If you're using a flexible template, you're able to add or remove questions as desired. 


Benefits of Using Templates

We recommend using templates for the below reasons:

  • To create consistency in your projects and within your team by ensuring that you and your team are using the same template and wording.
  • To use for future benchmarking. By maintaining consistency across studies, you can now compare data among the same audiences on different concepts.
  • To feel confident your surveys are expert-approved
  • To have a good starting point or to use as inspiration


Custom Templates

We also offer the ability to create your own custom templates for use in-platform. Reach out to your Client Success Manager to find out more about custom templates or use this link to get the development process started.