Why Run Global Research?

Reasons for Conducting Global Research

  • For many of the same reasons companies conduct research in the US are the same reasons for conducting research in other countries. See below for a few reasons to test beyond the US
    • To test existing products in new markets prior to launch
    • To learn about the competitive landscape in your target countries
    • To understand sentiments and habits of a new market
    • To understand the differences in sentiments and habits of an audience across markets
    • To customize creative assets for cultural relevance

Typical Process for Global Research

  • Identifying which countries you’ll be studying / target audience
  • Questionnaire development
  • Programming the English version of your survey
  • Translating your survey (if needed)
    • Upload the translation doc into the survey programming
    • Check to see if the translation has lined up appropriately
  • Once you’ve finalized - then launch
  • Pull data (data will be in language programmed in)
    • Any open ends would need to be back-translated

Suzy Global Process

  • Reach out to CSM to discuss how to add global to your license.
    • Your CSM will help you ensure that you are allocating enough budget to your project(s) and have access to the global feature on your dashboard