Global Research- Glossary of Terms

Feasibility: The number of respondents who potentially qualify for your survey based on the parameters set by the profiling settings.

Target Sample Size: The number of complete responses required for the survey

Feasible Sample Size: The total number of available survey respondents, based on demographic targeting and profiling

LOI (Length of interview): The average time it takes a respondent to complete the survey

Incidence Rate (IR): The percentage of the population that typically qualifies or fits the target audience

  • Estimated Incidence Rate: Estimated percent of respondents who will pass screener questions.

CPI (Cost per interview): How much each individual respondent costs to achieve 1 completed respondent in your survey.

  • You will only be charged for the total completed survey response. Multiply CPI by the total number respondents who completed the survey to get your total cost

Cost per complete: The same as cost per interview

Days in field: Estimate on how long your survey may take to complete, based on estimated IR, Market and sample size

Profiling Attributes: Additional metrics that you can use to screen your audience by. These are questions that have been already asked by panel providers to allow faster and easier access to a target audience. 

Screener: Questions added at the beginning of the survey to ensure the respondents fit the criteria you require for your target audience. You can add up to 5.

Translation document: A document that can be easily uploaded onto the site and that a translation vendor can use to directly translate the necessary text.

Completion Rate: The percentage of consumers who are able to complete the entire survey.

Drop Out Rate: The percentage of consumers who do not complete the entire survey by leaving and not coming back or timing out.

Quota Full Rate: The percentage of respondents who have attempted to take the survey, but are turned away because there is no additional room for their demographics.