Key Differences between Suzy Global and Suzy US Platform

Some of the Suzy US’ main value benefits are not as readily available quite yet in our global offering. Some things to consider when thinking about running about a global project are the following:

  • Speed
    • While our global offering may not get you results as fast of our US offering, we’ve worked to make sure we’re still able to turn around your projects within the week
  • Re-targeting
    • Since we’re leveraging a third party panel provider, Suzy doesn’t have direct access to the individuals taking your global surveys. As a result, we cannot target back to these respondents with follow-ups.
    • Additionally, you are unable to perform Suzy Live interviews with these respondents.
  • Demographic cross-tabs
    • Global survey results can be crosstabbed by gender and age. Other demographic crosstabs on our US platform such as ethnicity, income, educational status, and employment status are not available at this time. 

While there are some Suzy features not available, there are a few features that are available on our global platform that aren’t on the US platform to help give you more flexibility for your project.

  • Quotas
    • To help get the consumers you need, we’ve included quotas for global projects to make sure you’re able to make the most of the project considering the limited flexibility.
    • You can add quotas for the following:
      • Age
      • Gender
      • Region (Not available in China and Nigeria)
    • Additionally, you can interlock any 2 of the above quotas with each other.
  • Additional profiling targeting
    • As you’re limited in the number of questions you can use to qualify the proper respondents you’d need for your project, we’ve included existing profiling questions from our third party panel provider to help reduce the number of questions you need.
      • The additional profiling attributes vary based on the country you’re looking to survey in.
      • For a complete list of our profiling attribute options, please look at this list.
  • Real time estimates on feasibility, pricing, and fielding time
    • Based on your global research needs, the platform automatically estimates your feasibility, pricing, and fielding time! This is to ensure that your global research can be executed seamlessly within your budget and project timelines.