Our global offering is only available to clients with an existing Suzy US license. To learn more about global license pricing, please reach out to your CSM for more information! 

When running global research, all clients who have purchased a Suzy Global license will have a Global Research Fund, which individual global project costs are deducted from. Each projects’ costs are determined by the following:

  • How niche or broad your audience is
    • Incidence rate, profiling questions, and qualifiers all contribute to this
  • How many people you want to speak to
  • Which country you are running research in 

Before running a project, the Suzy Global platform will provide you with a total estimated cost. Costs may change depending on how the project performs in field. The minimum spend to run a global project is $200.00 USD. 

Are there additional costs for translation?

  • Yes, you would need to contact your translation vendor for pricing.
  • If you’d like to learn more about translations, please click here.