Best Practices for Global Audiences

Below are some Best Practices for using Suzy's Global Audiences! 

  • Use profiling attributes when you can
    • Take note of the available profiling attributes so you do not need to ask these metrics in your screener section. For a complete list of profiling attributes by country, please click here. 
    • Including these profile attributes are beneficial overall and help improve your Incidence Rate as these respondents have already been pre-screened.
  • Triple check your survey and survey logic!
    • Once you launch your survey and if there are errors we cannot credit back the money spent on your survey. You would have to close and re-launch the study.
    • Previewing your survey is a great way to check your survey/survey logic!
  • Finalize your questions in English before proceeding to translations
    • Updating a survey is hard to do if it has already been translated! In order to avoid this, be sure to finalize your survey and double check everything before proceeding to translations. 
  • Monitor and check your data frequently
    • We recommend reviewing your data in the raw horizontal file prior to completing your project. This way you can identify and replace any poor respondents within your study before it closes!
    • If you need to remove/replace any respondents, our sampling partners will replace them free of charge. For more information on replacing respondents, please click here.