2. Audience

Once you’ve completed the initial set-up, you can now set-up your audience more in-depth with quotas and additional profiling.

Audience Quotas Section

Within this section you can set quotas based on Region, Gender, and Age. 

  • Use the purple toggle to turn on/off quotas for each of these metrics.
    • If you do not specify quotas (toggle off), the survey will rely on natural fallout for that metric. 
  • Additionally when it comes to your quotas you have the option to interlock them or keep them as distinct quotas. Interlocking quotas gives greater control over sample composition, but generally take longer to fill. 
  • You can interlock a maximum of 2 demographic quotas (ex: age and gender, gender and region.)
  • Quotas do not impact your pricing but they may impact the feasibility of your study.

Additional Profiling Section

  • For each country you have access to a list of profile attributes that respondents have previously filled out. We recommend utilizing this to help cut down on screener questions.
  • Select any profiling attribute you’re interested in. For a full list of profiling attributes by country, please click here
  • Note that while you can target these profiling, they will not be available to crosstab data within the platform. You will receive all profiling data in your raw data files.

Who will Qualify to Take This Survey Section

  • To better estimate the cost and feasibility of the survey, input the expected incidence rate (IR) for the project. If you know the typical IR for the audience, select where it typically falls on the scale.
    • Niche: 10-29% IR
    • Moderate: 30-49% IR
    • Broad: 50-100% IR
  • If you don’t know the IR for your project, Suzy will set a default of 50-100% IR. The survey will launch and automatically pause after ~85 completes if your survey IR comes in lower. You'll be asked to approve the lower IR (and thus higher CPI) before the survey can continue to field.
    • While this will drive up the cost of the project, this is not the final cost once the project is completed. If you have a broader audience, your IR will likely be higher and your project will end up costing less than the original estimate.

Once you have set your audience, you are ready to move onto the Questions page*!

*If you are running a monadic study, you will need to upload your concepts first before moving onto Questions. For a guide on uploading concepts, click here!