4. Translations (if needed)

Once you’ve finalized and finished programming your survey, you can start to work on your translations if needed. Translations are based on already programmed questions- we strongly recommend starting translations after you’ve finalized and double checked your survey.

  • Select which language you would like to translate to.  
  • Download the survey text
    • The excel file will feature your questions and answer choices, but also error messages or helper text that are automatically generated by the platform. All values, including helper text, should have a translated value present in the right column. 
      • This includes numbers for rating/scale questions. If you'd like to show the number please re-enter it into the translated column. This gives you flexibility to translate '2' into a number's written form ("two") if desired. 
      • If a translated value is missing, an error message will appear. Recheck the translation document to ensure all translations are properly aligned and there are no missing values. 
    • Update ALL translations in the column to the right of the original survey text. 
  • Once translations are completed and in the proper column, upload the translation document.
    • We recommend reviewing the translation document in the preview window to ensure that the text is lined up properly.
  • Any updates you make to the survey after uploading your translation document will be flagged and you must upload a new translation document reflective of the changes you have made.

Some notes on translations: 

  • We recommend working with a translation vendor who is well versed in regional best practices. We strongly advise against relying on Google Translate/similar translation softwares because context and relevance can be “lost in translation” when using these tools. 
  • Translation vendors typically take 3 days at least- please plan for this accordingly when planning project timelines. 
  • Be sure to preview your survey in order to check your translations! You can preview your survey via the Review page. 
  • For more information about translations, please refer to this article on translation best practices.

After your translations are uploaded, you are all set to Review your project!