Monitoring/Fielding Surveys

Once you launch a global project you can view the survey on the action list in the tab called “Global”. All global projects will live here regardless of what stage they’re in.

  • You’ll be able to search for your global projects based on the following parameters:
    • Title
    • Tag
    • Country
    • Status
      • Draft - survey has not been launched yet
      • Live - survey is currently in field
      • Paused - survey is paused for client review 
      • Pending Adjustment - third party panel is in the process of removing identified low quality respondents
      • Completed - survey has reached the total number of requested respondents
      • Closed - survey is reconciled and closed out
  • To get a quick snapshot on your current IR, CPI, and progress on your quotas head to the details page of your project
    • Here, you can see key metrics of your study, including completion rate, drop out rate, and incidence rate, along with your demographics and quotas. 
    • Additionally you can download your data here at any point in the live, paused, pending adjustment, completed, and closed stages. 
  • We recommend checking in frequently on your study to ensure your fielding, costs, and respondent quality are going well. 
  • For more about replacing/discarding poor respondents in your study, please click here.