Similar to the Suzy US Platform, head to Insights Explorer to check out your results in real time!

  • You have the ability to crosstab results by gender and age in the crosstabs section. These are the only 2 demographics you can crosstab by in the Suzy Global platform.
  • You also have the ability to crosstab survey results by previously asked survey questions, similar to the Suzy US platform.  
  • You have the ability to download data at any time during the project, from the time it goes live to the post close of the survey. 
  • Our outputs for global are just like our Suzy US projects, with a few key exceptions! 
    • Region (for all countries but China and Nigeria) and any additional profiling data points will be automatically appended to the end of the data output
    • Note that your results / data will not include any additional demographic information unless it was asked in the survey.
      • If demographic information is included in the survey, you’ll be able to crosstab results. 
    • You cannot crosstab results across global surveys.