Starting a Global Project

Getting access to Suzy Global 

  • Reach out to your CSM to chat through our global offering and learn more about how to gain access to Suzy Global. Suzy Global is only available to current clients who have a Suzy US license. 

Pick your target country/countries that you want to run research in

  • For a complete list of the countries Suzy Global offers, please click here.

Determining Incidence Rate (IR)

  • There are a few ways to determine incidence rate for your surveys.
    • Leverage your Sales data
    • Sales Data
    • Third party tools (e.g. Statista)
    • Previous research
    • If none of the above is feasible for you, consider if your target audience is too niche or if you’re confident you can get it, assume a lower IR to be safe. The final cost is based on what the final IR is so if you have a higher IR, your price will be cheaper than your estimate.
  • How do I launch a survey if I don't know my incidence rate (IR)?
    • First consider if your target audience is too niche. If so, we recommend not launching a study DIY. If you’re more confident on your audience, proceed with the default IR on platform.
    • The platform defaults automatically to 10-29% which you can use to launch your survey. Be mindful that the estimate may not reflect the final price as it will be based on the final incidence rate.
    • At this point in time, Suzy is not supporting projects with an IR of less than 10%.

After you have thought about the above questions, it's time to get started! Check out our step-by-step guide on how to set up your global project!