1. Setup

When you start your survey, it will take you to the Setup page. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to start your global survey! 

  • Name your survey.
  • Add in total number of respondents.
    • With global there is no cap in the number of completes you’d like to see.
      • The summary screen on the side - will show the feasibility of your project as you continue to add on qualifications.
  • Select the country you’d like this survey to target.
    • You can only target one country per survey. 
  • Once the above is taken care of, you are now able to update the global settings and basic demographics settings.
    • Global settings
      • Select the language you’d like respondents to experience the survey in.
        • If you allow for multiple target languages, the respondent will see their preferred language based on their internet browser settings.
      • Indicate if the survey will have sensitive information. This is required to maintain compliance with privacy laws across regions.
    • Basic Demographics
      • Don’t worry about quotas on this page, focus on setting the parameters and set gender, minimum and maximum age range, and the regions* you’d like to target. You will be able to add quotas and additional profiling questions on the next page.
        • *China and Nigeria do not have regions available.
          • For China, you can select Provinces on the next page under the Additional Profiling section.
          • For Nigeria you can screen for region in the qualifier section of your project.
  • On the side there is a “Summary” panel which will update key metrics to help estimate the price of your study. This allows you to adjust your targeting to fit your budget.
    • The summary panel includes:
      • Feasibility
      • Target sample size
      • Feasible sample size
      • Estimated IR
      • Estimated CPI
      • Estimated days in field

All finished? The next step is the Audience page