1. Setup

When you start your survey, it will take you to the Setup page. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to start your global survey! 

Name Your Survey Section

  • Name your survey! This is how your survey will appear to you on the Action List and Results pages. This title will not be shown to respondents and is mainly for your reference. 
  • Specify the number of respondents needed for your survey
    • The summary screen on the side - will show the feasibility of your project as you continue to add on qualifications.
    • With global there is no cap on the number of respondents you can target.
  • Specify the country you’d like to run research in.
    • You can only target one country per survey. 

Global Settings Section

  • Select the language you’d like respondents to experience the survey in.
    • If you allow for multiple target languages, the respondent will see their preferred language based on their internet browser settings.
  • Indicate if the survey will have sensitive information. This is required to maintain compliance with privacy laws across regions.
    • “This survey may contain question(s) about a sensitive topic (examples include: racial or ethnic origin, political opinions, religious beliefs, trade union membership, health (physical or mental), sexual activity, genetic and biometric data questions). It’s a topic that might make some people uncomfortable. If answering question(s) about these topics makes you uncomfortable, you may choose to opt-out or confirm your consent below.
    • Do you voluntarily agree to proceed with answering the question(s)? (Yes/No)”
    • According to the internationally accepted data privacy principles and relevant data privacy laws, in order to collect sensitive data, you need “explicit” consent from respondents. Respondents will be shown the following question:
    • Please note, surveys with sensitive questions tend to see a higher drop out rate and and longer length of interview as well as a lower IR which does have the potential to increase the CPI." 

Target Audience Section 

  • Basic Demographics
    • Focus on setting the parameters: set gender, minimum and maximum age range, and the regions* you’d like to target. You will be able to add quotas and additional profiling questions on the next page.
    • *China and Nigeria do not have regions available.
      • For China, you can select Provinces on the next page under the Additional Profiling section.
      • For Nigeria you can screen for region in the qualifier section of your project
  • For age: if looking for one specific age (30 year olds for example) we recommend still setting ages as 29 and 30 as the min and the max. We only collect YOB and we will get those who turn 30 but are not marked as such since we don't have the exact day. Giving the two year band will allow for a wider group of people who may actively be 30. 

Project Summary Panel (on right hand side)

  • On the side there is a “Project Summary” panel which will update key metrics to help estimate the price of your study. This allows you to adjust your targeting to fit your budget.
    • Feasibility (green check = feasible, red x = not feasible)
    • Target sample size
    • Feasible sample size
    • Estimated IR
    • Estimated CPI
    • Estimated days in field
    • Total Estimated Cost*
    • Available funds
    • The summary panel includes:
    • Estimated costs will be held as 'pending payments' until the project is fully closed and invoiced. The final monetary amount may vary depending on how your project performs in field
    • Please note, estimated costs exclude translation fees!

Excluding Previous Respondents

  • In order to avoid duplicate data and prevent respondents who participated in previous surveys from entering your current survey use this field.
    • Click in the box next to the magnifying glass
    • All Global surveys will appear in the drop down box. Select the survey you would like to exclude. Note: if there are multiple surveys you wish to exclude, you must select one at a time. Select the first one then you’ll see “add to list” in which you can select the next survey. Feasibility will update as you add exclusions. 
    • Note that if you make any edits to this screen your quotas on the audience tab will reset. Please make sure to spot check your quotas if they were already set prior to adding exclusions.

All finished? The next step is the Audience page