3. Questions

Similarly to our Suzy platform, we have the question types available on the left side of the screen and the preview of your questions on the right side. The biggest difference is the addition of the “qualifier” section.

  • Qualifier section
    • You are allowed to have up to 5 qualifying questions. This sits outside of the 20 survey questions you’re allotted. 
    • For the qualifying questions you must indicate which answer choices qualify or reject the respondents for the remainder of the survey. Reject is the default setting for all answer choices. 
      • At the end of the screening process, any respondent who does NOT select a rejected answer choice will move onto the survey. Within the survey, you will NOT be able to target back to any specific qualifying question. 
      • Important to note: reject logic trumps qualify logic. For example: in a multi select question, if a user picks a qualify and reject answer choice, they will ultimately be rejected.
  • Survey section
    • For the main survey section, you’ll program similarly to the Suzy US platform where you’re able to target back to one of the previously asked questions in the survey portion.
    • The following question types are available for global surveys: multiple choice, rating, open ended, scale grid, and rank grid.
    • Please note- when fielding open ended questions in a survey run in another language, Suzy does not provide translation services for these answer options. Please keep this in mind when considering open ended questions in your survey!

After your questions are set up (and your logic has been double and triple checked) you are ready for Translations (if your study needs them.)