3. Screeners and Questions

After setting up your audience parameters, it’s time to program in your screeners and survey questions! 

Screener Section

  • Screener questions are used to further define your target audience beyond the demographics and profiling attributes specified on the Audience page. 5 screener questions are allowed per survey!
  • In-step targeting can be added to screeners. This allows you to add AND/OR/NOT logic and further define your survey’s target audience and what questions are shown to respondents
  • After all screeners have been added, you can define the survey’s target audience using either ‘Terminate’ or ‘Qualify’ logic. Clicking the ‘+ ADD SCREENER LOGIC’ will open up the a targeting modal where you can specify your survey’s audience
  • Global_Terminate_Module.png
    • Please note that when toggling between ‘Terminate’ and ‘Qualify’ logic your work will not be saved. 
    • Within question operators:
      • Specify respondents who participated in or did not participate in a screener. This is tied to in-step logic as certain questions may be targeted away from respondents based on their answers. 
      • Selecting ‘Non-participants’ will disable ‘select/did not select, ‘any/all’ and responses will not be shown. 
      • Global_Target_Non-Participants.png
      • Specify if respondents who selected or did not select certain options will terminate or qualify for your survey. 
      • If multiple answer options are selected, users have the option to specify if any or all of the options will terminate/qualify a respondent. If only a single answer option is selected only ‘any’ will be available. 
      • Participant vs. Non-participant
      • Selected vs. Did not select
      • Any/all 
    • Between question and question group operators:
      • OR: Means that a respondent must satisfy conditions within at least one of the questions/question groups to terminate/qualify for the survey
      • AND: Means that a respondent must satisfy conditions within ALL questions/question groups to terminate/qualify for the survey.
      • NOT: the member will be excluded from the question if they have selected any of the responses

        • A quick note on NOT logic: When using NOT logic in conjunction with AND/OR, this causes AND to act as an OR operator, and OR to act as an AND operator. 

          For example: 

          User wants to exclude respondents who did NOT select both "A" AND "B" this can be achieved with the following logic:

          TARGET: NOT A OR NOT B. While it is tempting to program in NOT "A" AND NOT "B", this will result in respondents who selected either "A" OR "B" not qualifying for the question. 


        You can combine logic operators as necessary to target the correct members. Do this with care and make sure to always double check your logic!

    • The modal will always default to ‘Terminate’ logic. Use the toggle at the top of the modal to select between ‘Terminate’ and ‘Qualify’ logic. Only one type of logic can be used within a global project. Can’t decide which type of logic to use? Check out our FAQ/Best Practices Guide for more information/guidance!
    • Within the modal, you can add screener questions and question groups to specify conditions on whether to terminate or qualify a respondent. 
    • All logic is shown on the right hand side bar of the modal. This is a great place to check if your logic is correct!
    • After your screening logic is set, click ‘Save Changes.’
  • NOTE: Respondents are qualified/terminated after they have completed the entire screener section! Previewing your screener section before launching is a great way to ensure your screening section is correct!

Survey Section

  • For the main survey section, programming is similar to the Suzy US platform. You can  target back to one of the previously asked questions in both the screener and survey portions of the project.
  • The following question types are available for global surveys: multiple choice, rating, open ended, scale grid, and rank grid.
  • Please note- when fielding open ended questions in a survey run in another language, Suzy does not provide translation services for these answer options. Please keep this in mind when considering open ended questions in your survey!
  • If you are running a monadic study, you will have both concept questions and comparison questions to choose from. For more on monadic surveys within global, click here!

After your questions are set up (and your logic has been double and triple checked) you are ready for Translations (if your study needs them.)