Data Reconciliation: Reporting Poor Quality IDs

Reporting poor quality respondents is a simple and easy process; to remove a respondent you need to identify the user ID in your raw horizontal file. Please keep in mind it could take up to 24 hours for all data to sync and reflect in your raw horizontal data file.

Some reasons for poor respondent quality include:

  • Straightlining
  • Speeding
  • Contradictory answer choices
  • Low quality open ended responses


  1. Results Page within Mission:
    From the Action List or Insights Explorer a user can navigate to the “Data Quality” tab when a mission is live with at least one complete or in a met quotas or paused phase.
  2.  Mission Status:
    It is VERY important to note the status of your project before reporting poor quality ids:
    • Paused: If your project is currently paused, you'll need to click 'resume' on the details tab in order to gather additional completes after id's are removed.
    • Live: If your project is Live, completes will continue to be collected until the overall quota has been met.
    • Complete: If your project is complete, we will not be charging for the reported responses but you will be unable to collect additional completes.
  3. Finding user ID:
    In the raw horizontal data download there is a column with a “User_ID” header that contains a 24 alpha-numeric GUID that users will use to identify the respondent they’d like to flag as poor quality.
    • This ID will be in column A
    • Once users have identified the ID’s they wish to flag as poor quality they can proceed with removing them from their survey
  4. Paste IDs or Upload excel file:
    From here users may paste IDs or upload a file of IDs into the platform that they wish to report as “poor quality”
    • Once IDs have been 'submitted' they will show in the "Reported IDs" section as 'pending'
      • If the system does not recognize an ID from this mission or has issues updating the status from “complete” to “quality failed” you will see “failed” in the status column
    • Upon successful upload of the reported ID, you can see a status of "success" in the reported IDs section on platform. 
  5. Data Exports:

    The IDs and data that were flagged for poor quality will be excluded from all exports.

    • Raw Horizontal Export: in the raw horizontal export the IDs will have their data nulled and will reflect "NA" in the file
    • Summary Deck: in PPT export you will only see the ID's you accept as complete. NO poor quality ID's will show in this export.Screen_Shot_2023-04-05_at_12.49.53_PM.png