Replacing/Discarding Poor Quality Respondents

Once your survey is live, we recommend checking/monitoring results frequently! You can do this by downloading the horizontal raw data file while your project is in field, and also monitoring results on your Suzy dashboard. Checking/monitoring ensures that you are staying within the estimated IR, timing, and budget of your project while keeping an eye on the quality of respondents taking your survey. Please keep in mind it could take up to 24 hours for all data to sync and reflect in your raw horizontal data file.

Reporting poor quality respondents is a simple and easy process- to remove a respondent you need to identify the respondents by ID and provide the reason for removal. Some reasons for poor respondent quality include:

  • Straightlining
  • Speeding
  • Contradictory answer choices
  • Low quality open ended responses

Once you have a complete list, send this excel to your CSM and we’ll take care of removing these respondents from your dataset. 

After removing your respondents, you can decide to either stay in field to replace the respondents or close out your survey.

  • If you choose to close out, you will only pay for the respondents that have completed and not the original estimate (e.g. you’ll pay for 275 instead of 300).
  • You have a limited time to update and remove low quality responses during your global project. Removing respondents can be done in the Live, Pending Adjustment, and Completed stages. Replacing poor quality respondents can only be done during the Live and Pending Adjustments stages. After your survey finishes fielding, you have 10 days to report/replace poor quality respondents. No changes can be made once the survey is Closed, so be timely when it comes to reviewing and replacing respondents if needed!