Group 3 Markets: In Depth Analysis

Group 3 Markets: Brazil, China, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Nigeria, Thailand

Group 3 markets all have rapidly emerging economies in which a substantial minority of the population have achieved something resembling a Group 1 or Group 2 market’s middle class standard of living. In these markets, online sampling is a convenient and cost-effective way to sample a relatively small share of the total population, people who possess a disproportionately large share of the total population’s discretionary spending power. The coverage limitations within these markets are such that three common gaps emerge when comparing what an online sample will provide relative to what you could expect to find within a total population sample. These three limitations include:

  • Almost all online respondents will be located within major metropolitan centers, where more gainful employment opportunities and better infrastructure provide people with the means and resources to participate in online surveys.
  • Respondents who are highly concentrated within the top third of the socio-economic spectrum, and almost exclusively within the top half of their total market’s socio-economic hierarchy.
  • Respondents who are younger than the total population, as online access and adoption of a variety of different online activities, including participation in online surveys, are not common behaviors for the 50 and older segment of the total population.