Screensharing on Suzy Live

Suzy Live supports participant screen sharing! This allows participants to share their screen with a simple click of a button once the interview begins. This feature can be very helpful when running projects that involve UX testing and in-home usage testing. To see this feature in action, click here. 

Some things to keep in mind when using the screen sharing feature: 

  • Screen share is only supported for users on desktops (not mobile)
  • Chrome and Edge browsers are preferred- Safari is not supported at this time. 

How can I view the video, transcripts, and other docs?

To view completed videos, transcripts, and your notes:

  • Navigate to the Recordings section on the left side navigation of your Suzy Live dashboard. Your files are sorted by project.
  • You can use the search bar in the upper right hand corner to find specific recordings by keywords mentioned in the interview and participant names.
  • After selecting the relevant project, you’ll be able to view the recorded interviews by clicking the Watch button.
  • By selecting Watch, you’ll be able to view the recorded interview, the backroom chat and a transcript marked by time and speaker.
  • Find specific keywords within the transcript and the recorded video by typing them into the search bar. If those keywords were mentioned, they will be highlighted in the transcript. 
  • Click on a line in the transcript to jump to that same moment in the recorded video.

Under the video, you’ll see four tabs available:

  • Transcript - a full transcript of the interview
  • Questions - view the notes taken for each question of your discussion guide
  • Bookmarks- view any bookmarks and clips that you’ve created
  • Download - download the interview transcript, notes, and any clips that you’ve created