How do I use Suzy Live Audiences?


Suzy Live Audiences 

  • Suzy Live Audiences allows you to create an audience from a custom selection of open-end respondents within the Suzy platform! This will help speed up the Suzy Live recruitment process and allow you to hand-pick the consumers that you want to interview. 
  • Suzy Live Audiences is only available to users who have a Suzy Live license. If you are interested in Suzy Live, our in-depth interview tool, please reach out to your CSM or refer to this article for more information!
  • How to use Suzy Live Audiences:
    • From an open-ended insights page, checkmark the open-ended responses you’d like to include in your Suzy Live project recruitment. 
    • Once you have checkmarked your responses, click the Suzy Live button on the top right corner, and add these respondents to an existing Suzy Live Audience, or create a new audience. 
      • Please note: we recommend adding at least 25 respondents per saved audience to increase the recruitment pool
      • Below is an example of adding open-ended respondents to a Suzy Live audience
      • Suzy_Live_Demo.gif
    • When completing your Suzy Live Project Detail form under ‘Target Audience’ select ‘Choose from my Suzy Live Audiences.’ From here you can select one or multiple Suzy Live audiences to utilize for interview recruitment. 
      • Suzy_Live_Targeting.png
    • To view your Suzy Live Audiences, head to the Audiences tab on Suzy. From here you can see how many participants are in each audience and edit your audience name.