Previewing a Survey that Contains Piping

When a survey contains piping, testing your survey using preview is essential! If you are unfamiliar with Suzy’s survey preview feature, read this article to catch up on the basics! 

Survey preview allows you to test your survey through the eyes of a respondent. When previewing a survey that contains piping, keep the following in mind:

  • Test as many cases as possible! Extensive testing will help you catch any programming mistakes and ensure that all respondents have a great survey experience
  • Double check piping around ‘Other’ and ‘None of the above’ answer options. In order to avoid piping in these options, you need to utilize in-step targeting! For more information on using in-step targeting to avoid piping in certain answers, click here.  

When your survey is piping from another action (ex: screening survey or a previously launched survey), that action will show up first in the preview. This allows users to test how piping flows from the previous action to current action, and gives a holistic view of what respondents will go through when completing both actions.