Piping and Targeting- How do they work together?

On Suzy, properly utilizing in-step targeting with piping is key to properly structuring your survey. Below are a few scenarios where in-step targeting is essential to ensuring your survey is set up correctly-

  1. You only want certain answers to be piped in
  2. You want to exclude certain answers from being piped in
  3. Your source multiple choice question contains ‘Other’ or ‘None of the Above’ and you do not want these piped into your next question.  

In short, in-step targeting is the only way to control what answers are piped into your question! If you do not use in-step targeting, the Suzy platform by default will pipe all answers into the question. 

If you have certain answer choices you do not want piped in, use in-step targeting to target the question away from those answers. For example, if you do not want to pipe in ‘None of the Above’ and ‘Other’ answer options, you would target the question away from those answers to prevent them from being piped. As with all surveys, your targeting details will show up on the ‘Questions’ and ‘Review’ pages, making it easy to check and review!

As always with surveys, make sure to preview your survey before launching! For more about previewing a survey that contains piping, check out this article!