Piping on Suzy: Understanding Results and Exports

In-platform charts:

Piping into Question Text

  • The default view will show all results in aggregate. If you’d like to see the charts by a piped response, you can click into the dropdown and filter by a specific piped option. This will allow you to view the chart results by that specific piped option! 


Piping into Answer Options

  • When viewing a chart in the platform that has answer/row piping, answers will be broken out by answer/row (as usual) 
  • To see which answer choices have been piped in, you can toggle the piping icon on/off in the chart settings section. This is particularly helpful if you have both piped and non-piped answer options. Note: the piping icon is toggled ON by default




  • When viewing the results of custom grid or grid scale question that contains piping, you will be able to filter by the piped response in the crosstabs section. 


Excel Exports:

Piping into Question Text

  • When exporting raw data that contains piping into question text, there will be a column in the export showing the “Piped Response” option. This shows the option that the user selected


PIping into Answer Options

When exporting raw data that contains piping into answers/rows, the export’s headers will display all answer/row options and have will either have a 1 (to signify it was selected), a 0 (to signify it was NOT selected) or NA (Not applicable).


Powerpoint Exports: 

Powerpoint exports generally follow the format of in-platform charts, with a few notable differences! 

Piping into Question Text

Results for questions with piping into question text will show the results charted in aggregate, followed by a table breaking down results by each piped option. This keeps the powerpoint summary deck concise, while showing how results vary by piped question text. When showing results of an open ended question, the powerpoint will show the top words for each piped option within the table. 

Piping into Answer Options

Results with answer options are shown in a chart, with piping icons denoting which answers have been piped in.