Bookmarking on Suzy Live

As of 3/17/21, Suzy Live has added a new bookmarking feature! This feature helps users pinpoint interesting and insightful parts of an interview, making it easier for users to parse and review results post-interview. See below for a step-by-step guide!

Step 1: Creating Bookmarks

During a Live Interview:

To create a bookmark during a live interview, users can click the ‘Bookmark’ button on their Suzy Live interview screen, or by pressing the keyboard shortcut “Control + B.” Bookmarks can be made during live interviews and on already recorded interviews. Both moderators and notetakers can make bookmarks. 

After a bookmark is created, users (moderators, notetakers, and viewers) will see a confirmation message within the backroom chat thread. 


During a Recorded Interview:

To create a bookmark during a recorded interview, users can click the ‘Bookmark’ icon on the video recording menu. This will mark the timestamp in the recording and create a new bookmark tile. Users can also press “Control + B” while watching the recording to create a new bookmark. 


Step 2: Viewing Bookmarks

Bookmarks can be reviewed and accessed in 3 areas: 

  • The Recording Progress Bar: Bookmarks will be denoted with a blue square on the recording progress bar. Users can click the blue bookmark notch to start the video from that moment. Clicking the bookmark on the progress bar will also advance the user to the bookmark tile in the bookmark tab to allow for easy edits if needed. 
  • The Bookmark Tab: Bookmarks will also be listed in chronological order within the Bookmarks Tab underneath the recording. Users can click on a bookmark tile to edit the title, timestamp, and/or add a description. The play button icon can be clicked to start the video from the bookmark.
  • The Backroom Thread: Bookmarks made during a live interview will be listed in the backroom chat thread. The thread will show the creator and timestamp of the bookmark. Users can click the link to start the bookmark. Reminder: bookmarks made on recorded interviews will not be shown here! If a bookmark made during the live interview is deleted, it will no longer be clickable in the Backroom Thread.

Bookmarks can be made into clips! For more information on creating clips, click here!