Editing a Live Action

Once an action is launched, there are a few things that can be edited while it's live. 


Things that can be edited on a live action: 

  • Targeting/retargeting*: you are able to edit the demographics, panel, segment, or previous action targeting on a live action (note: this does not override already-accepted responses; changes would apply only to the remaining responses) 
    *does not apply to quotas
  • Duration: you are able to edit the duration of your live action if you need to extend or shorten the close date
  • Response cap: you are able to increase or decrease the number of responses for your live action 
  • Tags: you can add or remove tags as needed while an action is live


Things that cannot be edited on a live action: 

  • Question or answer text
  • In-step logic
  • Piping logic
  • Survey titles or descriptions
  • Images or media links
  • Quotas