Screener Surveys Best Practices

Screener surveys are a type of survey whose purpose is to identify the audience(s) that you’d like to talk to throughout your Suzy license. Screener surveys consist of up to 20 multiple choice actions and are designed to be retargeted over and over again.


Sample size 

For common audiences (high incidence rate), you can launch to a smaller sample of about 500-1000 because more respondents will qualify. For more niche audiences (low incidence rate), we recommend launching to 10,000-15,000 respondents to capture your target audience because fewer respondents will qualify. 

Titles and descriptions

Screener Surveys have the same title and description format as regular Surveys, and the best practices are the same across both action types. Refer back to the Survey section of this guide to view the best practices for your title and description fields. 

Be B-A-D when choosing your audience

If you’re unsure where to start in determining your audience, we recommend using the B-A-D formula: Behavior, Attitude, and Demographic. 

  •   Behavior: Purchase patterns, purchase frequency, media consumption
  •   Attitude: Brand awareness, future purchase intention, brand affinity, decision drivers (cost, convenience, quality)
  •   Demographic: Age, gender, location, income level, education level (these are built into the Suzy platform)

Start with the decision maker then narrow down 

We recommend starting broad and then funneling down to a more specific audience from there. The best place to start is the “decision maker” or whoever is the purchaser or primary shopper for this product. 

  •   Don’t: “Which of the following products have you purchased in the last 3 months?”
  •   Do: “Who does the grocery shopping for your household?”

Refresh your screeners once per quarter 

With thousands of new audience members every month, we recommend refreshing or relaunching your screener questions once per quarter to ensure you’re maximizing your reach within your target audience, capturing all new Suzy audience members that may fall into your target audience. To do this, you can clone your screener survey once every three months and relaunch it out to the Suzy audience.