Custom Quotas: A Step-by-Step Guide

Ready to set up your quotas? Let’s get started!

Step-by Step Guide: Setting Up Custom Quotas:

  1. On the Audience page, click the 'Quotas' button (under the 'Target Audience section) on the left hand sidebar
  2. Select the type of quota (interlocked or non-interlocked). Users can only utilize one quota type for their action!
  3. Select the metrics you would like to quota by!
  • Interlocked Quotas: Pick 2-3 metrics to interlock
    • Age, Gender, Region, Ethnicity
  • Non-interlocked Quotas: Pick up to 3 metrics to set quotas on
  1. Age, Gender, Region, Ethnicity, Income, Previous Action Responses* (including Auto-Assign**), Segment
  • Click ‘Save’
  • This will open the Quota set-up module. Specify the desired percentages for each quota. Reminder, quotas must add up to 100% in order to proceed!
    • When specifying percentages for quotas, percentages can only be entered in .5% increments. Any other percentages entered will be rounded to the nearest whole percentage.
    • Total response count may adjust (normally increase) as percentages are updated. This ensures the platform matches percentages as accurately as possible. 
  • Click ‘Next.’
  • You can review your quotas on the ‘Review’ page before launching. 
  • *You must target to the correct previous action in order to quota by Previous Action Responses or Auto-Assign. 

    **Auto-Assign requires some set-up before use! For a detailed guide on how to set up Auto-Assign, please click here.

    Monitoring your Quotas While in Field:

    • Quota fill progress will appear on the ‘Details’ page of your survey
    • Please note- when quotas are in use you cannot download data until your survey is completed. 

    Editing a Custom Quota:

    1. Go to the survey details page
    2. Click the edit button
    3. Edit quotas as needed
      1. You cannot add any additional quotas after an action has gone live! You can only modify existing quotas. 

    Example: If you put a 0% for a quota during setup, indicating that you do not need any respondents from that quota, you cannot modify that quota in the editing process

    1. If necessary you can remove quotas from your action. The platform will NOT trim any overages- no respondents will be removed from the action and the survey will continue to field with natural fall out for the remaining respondents. 
      1. Once a quota is removed from an action you will not be able to add a new one
    2. Click ‘Launch Action’ to relaunch the survey!

    When a survey is targeted to quotas, you cannot download the data/summary deck until the survey closes!