Custom Quotas: Auto-Assign

Suzy's Auto-Assign feature allows users to create audiences based on survey and screener responses. These Auto-Assign audiences can be used for quotas, targeting, and data analysis! 

Auto-Assign, sometimes called hidden question or hidden punch, is a “question” that is answered implicitly by respondents. Users must specify the criteria for each Auto-Assign group based on survey responses. Auto-Assign will not pull from a client’s question allotment and are not visible to survey respondents. 

Step-by-Step Guide:

Note: All Auto-Assigns must be created within a screener or survey. They must be created before the screener/survey is live- they cannot be added in later! Users can create 1 Auto-Assign grouping per screener/survey. 

  1. Within the ‘Create Groups’ section, click ‘Auto-Assign.’ This will automatically open up the Auto-Assign modal
  2. Fill in Auto-Assign name- this will be the overarching name of your groups
  3. Specify Auto-Assign groups- these are the specific groupings that users will define based on respondents’ survey answers. For example, Group 1: Social Media users who are open to trying a new app; Group 2:  non-Social Media users who are open to trying a new app.
    1. Groups can be made with the same functionality as in-step targeting logic
    2. Users can create up to 5 groups within their Auto-Assign 
    3. NOTE: Any respondents that do not fall into an Auto-Assign group will be classified as “None of the Above” automatically 
  4. Click ‘Save’ after your Auto-Assign groups are created. 
  5. Details on your Auto-Assign will appear on the Review page prior to launch, and Survey Details page after your survey is live. 
  6. Users will have the ability to preview Auto-Assigns and test the logic in the survey preview experience. It is strongly recommended that you utilize preview to check the Auto-Assign logic before launch! 

Results & Analysis:

  • Auto-Assign data will display in the Survey Summary page, Insights Explorer, Crosstabs, and platform exports (PowerPoint, bulk raw files, demographic summary crosstabs)  
    • Users will answer questions and be auto-punched into their group based on the answer they provide 

Editing an Auto-Assign:

  • Auto-Assign targeting can be edited post launch! Users can alter logic within the Auto-Assign to change the composition of their groups.
  • Please note: Auto-Assign Name, group names, and number of groups cannot be edited. Users cannot add additional Auto-Assign groups when editing.  

Auto-Assigns and Mutual Exclusivity:

  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Auto-Assigns groups are mutually exclusive and single select, meaning that each respondent can only be assigned to one group
  • If a respondent qualifies for more than one group they will be automatically placed in the first one for which they qualify 


Q1. What is your favorite color? 

  • Blue
  • Red
  • Green

Q2. What is your favorite pet? 

  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Bird 

Auto Assign: Color and Pet Groups

Group 1: Blue (Q1=A) 

Group 2: Blue and Dog (Q1=A and Q2=A) 

If a respondent selects Blue at Q1 and Dog at Q2 they would be grouped into Group 1 regardless of the fact that they match the Group 2 criteria because Group 1 was the first Auto-Assign group specified during setup. Because the respondent meets the Group 1 criteria they will be put in that bucket and not considered for Group 2. When setting up your Auto-Assign, groups should be created in priority order because respondents will be classified into the first one they qualify for! As a best practice, put the most niche Auto-Assign groups first to maximize the number of qualifying respondents. 

Using an Auto-Assign for Quotas:

One of the many uses for Auto-Assign is setting quotas on your custom Auto-Assign groupings! Please note, Auto-Assign groupings can only be set up via non-interlocked quotas! Below are steps on how to use Auto-Assign for Quotas:

  1. Target your survey to the action containing the Auto-Assign
  2. After your survey has been properly targeted, Auto-Assign quotas will be available under the Non-Interlocked quota menu
  3. Set the desired quotas for your Auto-Assign groups and click ‘Save’.