Global Audiences: Monadic Surveys

Suzy Global also supports Monadic Surveys! Similar to our monadic feature on our US platform, this allows you to test concepts against each other. Some popular use cases for monadic testing include:

  • Concept Testing
  • Storyboard Testing
  • Product Testing
  • Copy/Claims Testing
  • Package Testing
  • Ad Testing. 

When running a monadic survey, you will specify the number of concepts in your study on the Setup page, and upload these concepts (via URL or image) on the Concepts page. For media guidelines/best practices on Suzy, please click here

Within monadic surveys, there are two types of questions- concept and comparison. Concept questions always precede Comparison questions within a monadic survey on Suzy.


In-step logic is available within both Concept and Comparison questions within each section Additionally, Comparison questions can be targeted back to Concept questions! 

Click here to read about some best practices when running a monadic survey!