Global Audiences: Preview

Preview is a key feature of Suzy Global Audiences! Previewing your survey allows you to test your survey through the eyes of the respondent! This interactive preview will give you that extra gut check so you can feel confident to launch your survey. You can test your survey yourself, or share the link for others to review! 

On the Review page, the ‘Preview’ button is located below the ‘Project Summary’ modal. Clicking this button will open your survey in a new tab!


In the survey preview tab, you can click through your survey to test survey logic, question text, and overall respondent experience. A key part of preview is the side navigation bar which you can get to by clicking the gear icon on the top right corner of the screen. The side navigation bar has 4 main sections: Controls, Question Info, Survey Info, and Screener Logic.


  • Controls:
    • Undo: Undoes actions that have been performed on the survey
    • Copy Link: Copies the survey link. Survey links will only be live and clickable for 24 hours. If you need a new link, click the ‘Preview’ button again 
    • Restart: Erases your progress and takes you back to the beginning of the survey
  • Select Language:
    • English is the default language for all previews! If your survey is offered in another language and has been successfully uploaded, the other language will be present in the dropdown. 
  • Question Info:
    • Details on the current question, including question type and details such as randomization. 
  • Survey Info:
    • The title of the global survey. Reminder- this title is for your reference but is not shown to respondents
  • Screener Logic:
    • Details on survey screener logic, targeting logic, and any additional profiling attributes that were selected in the survey set-up page!