Video Open Ends Overview

As of 9/30/22, Suzy now supports video open ends! This allows you to ask respondents questions and have them answer in short video format! This is a quick and cost-effective way to uncover in-depth qualitative insights.

Some notes on Suzy’s Video Open End feature: 

  • Video Open Ends are stand-alone actions on Suzy! They cannot be added into surveys at this time.
  • Video Open Ends have a maximum of 100 respondents per action, although you can decrease this amount. 
  • Video Open Ends will only be served to verified respondents who are using the mobile app. 
  • In a Video Open End action, respondents will record a video between 15 seconds to 2 minutes in length. 
  • Like all other actions on Suzy, you have 250 characters to ask your Video Open End question. You also have up to 150 additional characters for any supporting information/instruction
    • Users can also utilize targeting and add media to their Video Open End action if desired. 
  • Video and transcript will be available for each Video Open End response
  • When looking at results, keyword search and filtering responses by top words are available to help identify insightful responses. 
    • Star/Select interesting/insightful video open ends for download!
  • A Video Open End action costs 4 credits to run

FAQ/Guidelines around Video Open Ends:

    • Will personal information be transferred to the client?
      • YES. Any video action will involve the transfer of respondent PI. This is reflected in Suzy and Crowdtap privacy policies.
  • Clients who do not wish to receive PI should not initiate a video action. 
    • Are there certain types of questions that can’t be asked?
  • No personal info, medical info, or financial information can be asked in video open ends
  • Are VOEs HIPPA Compliant?
    • No. Video Open Ends are not HIPPA compliant at this time.
  • How can I utilize/repurpose the video responses?
    • The videos may be used for internal and or advertising/promotional purposes, per our Terms of Service with clients and respondents. However, we strongly recommend that clients check with their own legal department to see if they require a separate likeness release.
  • Can we ask children under the age of 13 to participate?
    • NO. Children 12 and under are prohibited from participating at this time.
  • Can we ask respondents to record someone else in their video?
    • NO. The recording must only contain the respondent who opted in to participate.
  • Are VOEs supported globally?
    • No. Video Open Ends are not supported within our global offering at this time.

Ready to run a Video Open End on Suzy? Head over to our step-by-step guide to get started!