Video Open Ends Step-By-Step Guide

Let’s run a Video Open End on Suzy! Follow these steps to get started!

*Before running a Video Open End, make sure to review our overview/guidelines around this feature!

  1. On the ‘Create Action’ page, select the ‘Video Open End’ tile
    1. If you don’t have Video Open Ends available to you, please reach out to your CSM!
  2. On the ‘Questions’ page, add question text, additional information/instructions (optional), and media (optional). Then click ‘Next.’
  3. On the ‘Audience’ page specify the target audience and desired sample size. Reminder, Video Open Ends have a maximum respondent limit of 100!
  4. Review your Video Open End, then hit ‘Launch’!
  5. Review your results on the Insights Explorer page.

Ready to analyze your Video Open End Results? Head over to our Video Open Ends Analysis Tips & Tricks article to learn more.