Video Opens Ends Analysis Tips

Follow the below steps to get started on analysis! 

  1. Head over to the Insights Explorer page via the Dashboard or Action List
  2. You will see a word cloud, followed by thumbnails of each video open end response. 
  3. Click into a thumbnail to open the video player. The video will begin playing and the transcript will appear on the right side
  4. Use the word cloud to filter responses and find themes. Clicking on a word in the word cloud will filter thumbnails to show the videos that contained that word. 
  5. Star and Select/Check your videos!!! 
    1. Star videos on the bottom left corner of the tile to mark them as ‘Favorites.’ You can filter your favorite thumbnails at the top by toggling ‘Show Only Starred.’
    2. Select/check videos on the top right corner of the tile to mark them for download. 
  6. Click ‘Download Data’ on the top right of the page to download any checked video open ends 

Below are some tips for analyzing Video Open Ends:

  • Use the Word Cloud to identify key themes. Click on words within the word cloud to see all responses that contain those words/ideas 
  • Use Suzy Live Audiences to identify respondents for a future IDI or Focus Group! Suzy Live Audiences is a way of marking respondents to approach later for deeper insights via interview or Focus Group

Want to learn more? Check out our Video Open Ends Best Practices Guide!